My past month was quite a variety-filled walk through my world of creating, from private clubs on rooftops with my voice echoing through the city, to creating new music in the studio, a wonderful successful benefit for suicide prevention as well as learning so much from new collaborations with extraordinary artists. I feel so blessed to have so many ways to express, share and donate my talents. Each day brings new horizon’s of where my musical journey unfolds, I clearly see that being on-point with details can be challenging as well as key to my success. Sometimes I get caught in the cycle of ultra-focus and never-ending 24/7 work that it takes to be a working artist.  From booking, marketing and keeping my instrument sharp developing new material, performing and everything else! And I am tired! 

I’ve been told that I am a good and persistent marketer and that I stay focused with my marketing and extensions thereof, yet one must remember, my heartsong, the power that fuels these motivations needs my attention too.  With all of the busy-ness, I don't want to loose site of the LOVE, dreams and ideals that inspire my artistry in the first place. It’s all about the heart for me... 

I know other singers/independent artists feel me, for we are all in this together.  How do we keep the "machine" moving and still tend to expressing our authentic heart? Because of this, I started My Heartsong Community as a place where fans, friends and collaborators could stoop by and say: "Hi. We are in this together.  Or "I have something I want to share." You can engage as much as you want by posting to your own profile page things that fuel your Heart's song. OR, be so inspired to post blogs and INITIATE conversation or simply have a safe place to EXPRESS yourself. OR, you can just enjoy the pics, the music, the Heart songs that populate my Heartsong Community.

I now look to ‘kick up’ my community website: for we all need each other, not only to compare notes but to encourage each other’s excellence and each other's sense of play. That’s what I stand for, so I ask those of you that stumble across my blog to join forces with me, come share your gifts and musical stories.  Let’s commune!


As we settle into October, I’m smiling.  A few wonderful concerts, lots of time to create and reflect and go out to support my fellow artists. Autumn is in the air, my favorite season!  Each autumn I fall more in love with this ‘artist life’. I hope you will accept my invitation to join me at My Heartsong Community.

Let's FALL in love, join hearts and keep the songs in our hearts beating.


In Love & Music,


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