Why I created a social network environment....

I love artists... And Community. And nothing turns me on more than the creative process and witnessing and facilitating Dreams coming to fruition.
I wanted to create a space for community to share their dreams and ideas... A place to plant seeds and share your "voice". How exciting to co-create together.... something greater than we could individually imagine. Something greater than ourselves. Together. Each of us has our own distinct ray of Light, I like to call it, our own unique palette of colors. Think of this as a fresh canvas to paint upon. Artists: share your HeartSong. Music lovers, Artist appreciators : we need you. You reflect our Heart/Soul reflection back to us and out to the world. You let us know that we are being received. There is never a more gratifying or motivating thing than to have one's Expression received. As an Artist, I am so grateful to you all. And I want to share this space with you.  Please share with us what you like, what you dream, what you need-- You have a Heart Song as well. Sing it with us.
For me, this site is truly MY HEART SONG... My Creative playground, my showroom, my guest house, where I plan to dream limitless dreams, watch them come to fruition and share them with my Community. One's world is enhanced by being witnessed and shared... And I am more fulfilled when contributing and co-creating. Please join me here in my social network.
 I invite you to come play with me. 
In Love & Music,
Sharon Marie

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