I love Nancy WIlson... I grew up listening to GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY on my mother's phonograph... The imagery she created. I could see the martini she poured for husband as he came home at the end of the day... "so late"... And I imagined throwing it in his face at the end of the song... That's how a classy lady tells a man off!!!!

Nancy's biting articulation, her swingin' sensibility, her elegant pant suits... She is A LADY... and a force to be reckoned with!

I had the great fortune of playing on the bill with her at a Jazz Festival a few years ago... and the opportunity to meet her again at her 70th birthday bash at the Hollywood Bowl. She was so gracious to me as I gushed over her...  And as I told her how much she has influenced my career... I asks for her advice and she said: "Just keep doin'  what you are doin', Babe."  A class act.

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